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Gourmet Chocolate Creations by Rebecca

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Welcome and Thank you for visiting our chocolate website... For Richly-flavoured, silky-smooth dairy-free chocolate ganache centres and other treats that are hand-dipped in dark chocolate you've come to the right place. 

Decadent Handmade Chocolates is an Australian chocolatier with a difference. Actually, three big differences, we're dairy free, vegan suitable and use organic chocolate!

Our handcrafted chocolates are made in small batches and are dairy-free and vegan friendly. Our New Chocolate Creations are Decadent, Dairy-Free & Delicious!

The best thing about dairy free chocolates is that they've become a lot more sophisticated in how closely they can imitate the taste and creamy texture of milk and dark chocolate. In fact, if you don't say the chocolates are dairy-free, chances are that your recipients probably won't even know. 

With more and more people cutting dairy out of their diet or becoming vegan for health reasons, the demand for dairy-free food products has skyrocketed. There are many options for chocolates of every shape, size, and variety for your indulgence.

Decadent Handmade Chocolates also offers several chocolate options to choose from if you are also allergic to nuts, wheat, soy or gluten – if in doubt just ask us which confections might be suitable for you or check each product ingredients listing to confirm.

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Remember, no matter what... "Carry On and Eat the Chocolate!"

PS> We also make solid chocolate shapes in a Dairy-Free 'Mylk' Chocolate - it tastes just like milk chocolate but without the dairy so if you've got children with intolerances and they can't have milk chocolate, they'll love our fabulous tasting rice milk alternative chocolate. 

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