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About Us

In 2012/3, Rebecca started officially studying the world of chocolate in a more in depth way, prior to that it was all experimentation. Having created some decadent confections that are guaranteed to make you and your friends say, "Oh Wow, these are Delicious!" and "I love your chocolates" Decadent Handmade Chocolate was finally born in 2013.

We offer you fantastic dairy-free and vegan suitable chocolates that are freshly made and actually taste great!

Using real plant based ingredients. We seek out and use as many organic and/or fair-trade ingredients as possible. Our confections taste fresh, because they are fresh.

We value the plant based lifestyle. Therefore everything we make is vegan (in fact we are vegan owed and operated). On that note, sometimes higher quality foods can cost more, however it is completely worth it for a gourmet taste sensation like no other! Some people find it hard to believe that our decadent treats are animal free, but you can be assured they are 100% cruelty free all the way. Tested on non-vegans and vegans alike.

At Decadent Handmade Chocolates, we love our followers and want you to be thrilled with every order you receive from us. We stand behind our gourmet chocolate products with exceptional customer service by offering you vegan assurance. If you've never experienced our sweet treats, you can order with confidence; taste the sensation of decadence and then share that experience with others.

Remember making chocolate is an art and we are all hand crafted. Hours of love go into all batches of chocolate creations from start to finish. Yes, it's time consuming work, however this ensures we take special care and have attention to detail in making each chocolate the best it can be. Each is one of a kind and a decadent piece that you can truly enjoy.

*Vegan foods are made without animal by-products, which means no dairy, eggs, gelatine, butter or honey etc. Thus, our chocolate confections are also cholesterol-free (cholesterol comes only from animal products), that's better for you.

Some of the chocolate flavours we make to order are: Rocky road, hazelnut praline, coconut ruff, raspberry ganache, cointreau & orange, mint creams, a salted caramel ganache and more. Check out our products page for more details. 

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Rebecca Bond - Chocolatier