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Chocolatier Certificates

chocolate certificatesEcole Chocolat

- Professional Chocolatier Certificate of Achievement, June 2013
- Quality Assurance Certificate of Achievement, Nov 2016


Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School

- Chocolates and Pralines Level One, March 2013

- Chocolate Lollipops, October 2013
- Easter Eggs Level One, March 2014
- Easter Eggs Level Two, March 2014


- Prepare Chocolate and Chocolate Confections, 2013

The Raw Food Academy's - 'The Raw Chocolatier with Amy Levin'

- Explore: Foundations of Raw Chocolate (Level One - 2015)
- Develop: Creativity with Raw Chocolate (Level Two) 
- Savour: Enchancing the Chocolate Experience (Level Three)
- Art: The Chocolatier Canvas (Level Four)
Plus more study and achievements to come in due course!