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coconut ruff chocolateCoconut Ruff Chocolates

Dairy-Free & Delicious

Coconut Ruff Chocolate Truffles are a super delicious blend of toasted coconut with our secret recipe encased in an organic dark chocolate shell. If you are a big coconut fan, you will adore these tasty treats guaranteed! (They come in both round and square shaped truffles).

These dairy free chocolate coconut goodies make the perfect gift or treat for anyone with a dairy allergy, lactose intolerance, who are vegan or simply enjoy quality gourmet handmade chocolates.

As with all of our dairy free chocolates these handcrafted truffles are made using a combination of natural, organic and fair trade ingredients. The dairy free chocolate coconut ruffs are manufactured and packed in our Australian Far North Coast Kitchen in NSW.

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 Fairtrade sugar*, cocoa butter*, cocoa mass*, rice powder (rice syrup*, rice starch*, rice flour*). Emulsifiers:- sunflower & soya lecithin, coconut cream*, desiccated coconut*, glucose syrup, natural vanilla flavour.

*Ingredients from Organic agriculture. Best eaten within 2 weeks of purchase .

Allergens: Contains soy; may contain traces of milk or nuts.

Gift Boxes of Coconut Truffle Chocolates

Please Choose:

chocolate prices  Box of 4 Coconut Chocolates = $10.50

chocolate prices  Box of 5 Coconut Chocolates = $12.50

chocolate prices  Box of 6 Coconut Chocolates = $15.00

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