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Refreshingly Dairy-Free

Mint Cream Bonbons, all Vegan! These morsels of fondant filled dark chocolate shells are fabulously minty sweet and equally delicious to any mint cream candies you've tried before.

We use Organic Belgian Chocolate which tastes sublime with our organic peppermint fondant cream filling - the perfect flavour combination for anyone after a nice peppermint cream for after dinner. We also use natural food colouring (on occassions we leave it out).

As with all of our chocolates they are handcrafted and made lovingly in our dedicated vegan kitchen using a combination of plant based, organic and fair trade ingredients. 

Shelf Life: Our mint creams should last you 3-4 months (even more, if you can resist eating them super fast that is).

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Ingredients:  Cocoa mass*, sugar*, cocoa butter*, glucose syrup, water, vanilla*, peppermint oil*, invertase (stabilizer from yeast).
Includes Natural Organic Colourants: [natural colours contains one or more of the following: Annatto, aronia berries, beet, black current, bilberries, black carrot, curcumin, caramel, carotene, elderberries, fruits, grape juice, paprika, pumpkin, red cabbage, spinach, saffron, titanium dioxide (goddess white colour only), tomato, turmeric, vegetables].
May also include Natural Green Colouring [concentrates (spirulina, safflower) fructose, sucrose, invert sugar, citric acid, water]. 
Edible dust colours: potassium-aluminum silicate (mica) and titanium dioxide. 

*Ingredients from Organic agriculture.  

Allergens: May contain traces of soy or nuts due to shared kitchen/manufacturing equipment.

Peppermint Creams

Please Choose

chocolate prices  Box of 4 Mint Creams = $10.50

chocolate prices  Box of 6 Mint Creams = $15.00

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