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Chocolate Products 

Let our decadent handmade chocolates entice you, enjoy our gourmet treats and prepare to have your taste buds shocked with some of the most delicious dairy-free chocolates available right here in Australia for your enjoyment. So why not treat yourself to a delivery of delicious chocolates today. Only the products with blue links are currently available at this time.

 vegan cake

 chocolate frogs

mint creams organic vegan dairy free


Vegan Cakes

Chocolate Frogs

Peppermint Creams

Mini Coconut Bars (Bounty)

 raspberry ganache 

hazelnut praline chocolates

coconut ruff 

vegecomb - vegan honeycomb 

Raspberry Ganache

Hazelnut Pralines

Coconut Ruff

Vegan Honeycomb


  milk alternative chocolate chips

caramel chocolate heart 

 cold pack

Cointreau & Orange

Chocolate Chip Bags

Caramel Ganache

Warm Weather Pack


Some of the chocolate flavours we make to order are: Rocky road, hazelnut praline, coconut ruff, raspberry ganache, cointreau & orange, mint creams, a salted caramel ganache and more. Check out our products page for more details.

Please note that because we do use nuts in our kitchen and in some of our products, we cannot guarantee a nut-free order, therefore if allergies are an issue, please err on the side of caution. For full details on our allergy statement see the FAQ page.

Seasonal items can vary.